Se.Fa designs and molds rubber items to its own design or to specific customer requirements, especially for the boiler and heat pump market, distinguishing itself by the quality of its products and its prompt response to customers.

A few years after its founding in 1992, Se.Fa decided to focus on a very ambitious goal: to become a manufacturer of large (over 15 kg in weight) technical rubber items with its own design. This goal was achieved through a cycle of large investments, increasing the production area and adding new generation presses.

Today Se.Fa’s production departments include more than 25 presses and more than 10 robots for continuous processing. A logistics and customer care office is operational to meet all customer needs. A 100-square-meter laboratory, with a wealth of instrumentation, is dedicated to raw material and finished product inspection.

Thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities and know-how built over the years through a constant commitment to technological research, Se.Fa now markets its products worldwide and is a partner of the major membrane tank manufacturers, also by virtue of the numerous system and product certifications obtained.



Via del Lavoro, 10 – 48124 S.Alberto, Ravenna