Helia Cranes

Heila Cranes has supplied a wide range of standard and custom-built marine and offshore cranes and cement manipulators for over 40 years. Heila’s cranes are available with capacities up to 4,500 tm and are designed for safety, durability, and power.
Over the years, the company has earned the trust of some of the biggest names in the marine and offshore industries. To date, it manufactured and delivered more than 5,000 marine cranes installed on tug, workboats, pipe and cable laying vessels, cargo ships and various other types of vessels.
Heila Cranes is active in the offshore wind sector, particularly on offshore construction vessels and platforms.
All the company’s cranes meet the relevant industry standards and can be delivered with full certification by a global certification societies.



Via Romana, 34/36 – 42028 Poviglio (RE)